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2021 County Elections Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats in Broadland believe in making Norfolk a fairer, more sustainable and more prosperous place. This page is where you can find our plans for the county, and our priorities in each policy pillar. We are campaigning for these policies where we are elected, and working hard to elect more Liberal Democrat Councillors across Norfolk to realise this vision.



We must act decisively to avoid losing many parts of Norfolk to rising sea levels. The Liberal Democrats belive in taking the climate into account with everything we do and take the lead on making Norfolk -- not just the County Council -- carbon neutral by 2030.

  1. Make Norfolk carbon neutral by 2030.

  2. Ensure insulation upgrades are carried out in 50% of rural Norfolk homes by 2025, and the balance by 2030.

  3. Fund green initiatives , set up community energy schemes and build green infrastructure including electric car charging points.

Economy (Tom Juggins on Unsplash)


We believe Norfolk has huge untapped economic potential and the Council's job should be to work with local partners to bring about a 21st century economic strategy that brings prosperity to everyone, whether they live in the city or in the county's rural spaces.

  1. Establish industrial zones for technology-enabled agriculture, advanced manufacturing and environmental technology.

  2. Create a tailored management training programme for key sectors.

  3. Launch an efficiency programme for SMEs to help Norfolk's smaller businesses put 5 percentage points on net profit.

Public Transport (Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash)

Public Transport

The Liberal Democrats have a plan to reimagine rural public transport using a hub-and-spoke model that puts park-and-ride style car parks in out of town locations across the county. Public transport should be accessible to everyone and seamlessly networked with other forms of transport including private vehicles.

  1. Establish park-and-ride style car parks in out of town locations to smooth traffic flow and integrate public and private transport.

  2. Promote community car schemes that are better for the environment.

  3. Fund bus services so that everyone in Norfolk can get to where they need to be in affordable, comfortable buses.

People (Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)


We believe politics exists to serve people. As Liberal Democrats we stand against the concentration of power, whether in the hands of big business or the state. We aim to reorganise how all services are delivered to make it easier for every citizen to find and access the services they need throughout their lifetimes.

  1. Create a digital service point where it's easy for every citizen to find the services they need and be notified when services become available.
  2. Reverse minimum income guarantee (MIG) cuts and match the level to inflation.
  3. Measure each and every Council policy against our commitment to deliver a fairer and more equal society.

Strong Communities (Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash)

Strong Communities

We believe that local communities are the natural places where society thrives. Our vision is to expand and create community hubs in key locations where the public can access Council services.

  1. Create community hubs to assist with access to Council services.

  2. Empower local communities to attract better governance and accountability.

  3. Fund local ideas for projects to help foster the community spirit that thrived as a result of COVID-19.

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