David Harrison

One of your 3 candidates for Aylsham Ward

Dave Harrison

David Harrison

I've been a district councillor in Broadland since 2006 but my experience goes back further to when I was a councillor in North Norfolk. Every 4 years when the new council meets I see the newbies struggling with the jargon and the complicated rules that govern the way the council works before they can deliver their promises to their residents. This year a record number of councillors are retiring, at the same time as many of the 'paid staff' are leaving - these are the officers who are there to guide councillors. Officers will also have to grapple with the new arrangements to implement collaborative working with South Norfolk District Council, some in completely new jobs.

I want to maintain the high standards of service by Broadland District Council and make sure that our residents are not disadvantaged by ill-judged decisions that have still to be made.

For the ward I also bring the knowledge gained from 36 years as a local resident (including on the Blickling estate) as well as from the experiences of 4 generations of my family who live locally and are involved with many organisations from the talking newspaper to the table tennis club.

I've attended hundreds of parish and town council meetings helping them deal with issues from the Bure river access at Mill Row to the compost plant at Marsham; countless planning applications from Tesco's to the Oulton wind turbine. And of course the long fight to save St.Michaels Hospital.

My background is as a scientist working in the cancer research field that took me across the Atlantic. I've taught science in a north Norfolk special school and Spanish evening classes at Aylsham High School. My hobbies include restoration of antique clocks and jewellery, sailing, swimming and table tennis.

I love Aylsham, wouldn't want to live anywhere else, and I look forward to serving the ward again after May 2nd.