Meet your Norfolk County Council Candidates

What does a County Councillor in Norfolk do?

The County Council is the largest branch of local government in Norfolk. It has an annual budget of more than £1.4 billion, which it spends on schools, children's services, adult social care, environmental services and a whole host of other things that have a meaningful impact on the day-to-day lives of more than 900,000 residents. The council's 84 councillors are responsible for setting policy and voting on council business.

On May 6th 2021, all 84 council seats are up for election, including 13 in the Broadland area for which we as a local party are campaigning.

Acle Aylsham Drayton & Horsford Hellesdon

Hevingham & Spixworth Old CattonReepham Taverham

Blofield with Brundall Sprowston Thorpe St Andrew

Woodside Wroxham


Emelye Harvey is the youngest Liberal Democrat standing in Norfolk, aged 22. Her decision to stand for the County Council Elections in May was an easy one. She feels that current politics in the UK are out of touch with the public and needs of our communities are dismissed. If Em is elected as a County Councillor, her first priority will focus on exactly that - putting the people of Norfolk first in every decision.

Emelye was born in Norwich and raised in Norfolk, she has spent most of her life here and is proud to be from this beautiful part of the Country. She attended Taverham High School and Reepham College, and moved to London to study English Literature and History at the University of Westminster. While she throughly enjoyed her time in London, she is now happy to be back in Norfolk and living in Acle. ​

She's always had a passion for all things food related, but the lockdown meant she was very fortunate to do more cooking and baking - which is her downtime. Also, she loves to travel. This time of year, you can normally find her skiing in France, a hobby of hers for over 10 years now.

Emelye has long been interested in politics, and joined the Liberal Democrats as soon as she arrived at university. After volunteering with another candidate's campaigns in Norfolk, she decided to stand herself. She says she's met wonderful people across the county during her campaign, and is looking forward to meeting lots more!

Emelye Harvey


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Steve Riley


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My wife and I have two adult daughters, who attended Aylsham High, and a young son, who will also attend Aylsham High in the near future. I have been incredibly proud to support the town and residents as one of your Broadland District Councillors being first elected to represent Aylsham in 2013. Between then and now, I have taken up case work for individual residents, and supported the town and parish councils on complex difficult issues.​

I have also served on the planning committee, service and efficiency committee and chaired the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which holds the council to account. I have represented the lib Dem group as Group Leader and served on the lead member group overseeing joit working with south Norfolk and taken part I the appointment of the new managing director and other new management posts for both councils.​

I put the experience I have amassed in these roles together with my previous career as a National negotiator and later as a business owner and employer to resolve issues and improve service for residents. I believe in listening to people ensuring that resident's concerns are put first before bureaucracy or politics and then acting in their best interests.

Drayton & Horsford

Dave was elected to Broadland district council in May 2019, representing Felthorpe and Horsford.​

He works full time on the outskirts of Norwich and lives with his partner Amy.​

Cllr Thomas has lived in Norfolk since he was 3 years old.​

Dave sits on the Place Shaping panel at Broadland District Council and works closely with his ward colleague to represent the area.

Dave Thomas


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David Britcher


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My name is David Britcher, I was born, raised and live in the Parish of Hellesdon. I have had the honour and privilege to serve all the residents of Hellesdon as a parish councillor for some 15+ years, and now since the Broadland District Council elections in May 2019, as a Broadland District Councillor for the Hellesdon South East ward.

My wife and I have three adult daughters, all who have been educated in Hellesdon schools. I was a school governor at Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School for many years and remember those times with great fondness, being a School governor made me realise why good educational facilities, standards and the need to provide enough places for all the children of Hellesdon to go to school in Hellesdon if they so desire, are vital to our community to survive and thrive.

I was instrumental when as Chairman of Hellesdon Parish Council in ensuring Hellesdon Parish Council works very closely with all the local schools to the benefit of all concerned. This included, but not limited to having School Head Teachers regularly attending Parish Council meetings, which in turn led to school pupils visiting the parish council allotments at the end of Bush Road and the designing of the Parish sign located on the roundabout where Middletons Lane and Reepham Road intersect (formally known as the Bull) by a student at Hellesdon high School. The school children and students, having their 'say' in what play equipment was and is currently going to be installed in Hellesdons play areas.

For several years, I would with the assistance of another Hellesdon resident open and close the Meadow Way play area on the weekends, except on the odd occasion the play area was locked all weekend, when we were both too ill and unable to unlock it. This was because the Parish Council would not fund the opening and closing of the play area at the weekends, using council staff. Shortly after a change of the political makeup of the parish council, it was agreed to provide funding for parish council staff to open and close the Meadow Way play area every day, not just on weekdays, thus ensuring, the play area was open for use by the residents of Hellesdon every single day except Christmas day.

As a registered 'First Aider at Work' myself for over 30 years and realising, Hellesdon Community centre is a great asset for Hellesdon and regularly used by all ages, I was pleased when the Parish council agreed and passed my proposal as the then Chairman of the Parish Council to provide the funding for the purchase and installation of the 'Heartstart' defibrillator at the Community Centre. I also obtained matched funding of £10,000 for the Parish council from Norfolk Police for part of the CCTV system installed at Hellesdon Community.

Working closely with other councillors of the Parish Council at the time, in a cross party agreement, we reinstated the position of a Litter Warden for Hellesdon, to the benefit of all residents.

I have often been asked why I am a Liberal Democrat and the answer to this question is simple, 'I fully believe that serving the community of Hellesdon should come first' and certainly should not involve having to following the demands and instructions of businesses and unions, like other members of political parties do. I believe that Hellesdon residents should be consulted in changes that affect them and their opinions fully considered, and 'not just informed of what will or is happening' as currently is often the case.

I continue today to make Hellesdon a better and safer place for all the residents of Hellesdon, as I believe Hellesdon demands better.

Hevingham & Spixworth

Dan has been County Councillor for Hevingham & Spixworth division since 2013 and a District Councillor since 2011. He is currently Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Broadland District Council.

Dan works as a manager in HM Prison & Probation Service and has been employed in criminal justice roles for over 20 years. As a result he is someone who puts people above politics and is proud of the hundreds of pieces of casework he has completed for residents.

As a Councillor Dan has worked hard to maintain the character of the villages he represents in the face of the threats of increased development. At County level he holds the record of asking more questions about NDR safety than nearly all other Councillors combined. Locally he has secured important safety improvements to the Cromer Road and a key priority going forwards is to improve the North Walsham Road junction in Spixworth.

Dan Roper


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Sue Catchpole


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As Broadland District Councillor for Aylsham for the past three years, and now as deputy leader for the LibDem group, Sue has made a significant contribution to challenging the Conservative majority on Broadland, serving on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Economic Success Panel and is committed to seeking and listening carefully to residents' opinion so that she can truly represent local views.

Sue lives with her husband, Richard, has two adult sons and a history of self-employment, science at UEA and HR at Norfolk County Council. Her first experience of self-employment was running a village shop and post office serving Bradfield and Antingham. Things grew from there and, having started and successfully grown a business in machine manufacturing (Samplex, now Tekpro in North Walsham) , Sue more recently had a small tourism business arranging and managing coach tours to France.

The fundamental reason for Sue being involved in politics is that she believes that everyone, regardless of background, should have the same opportunities in life, at school, in the workplace and in the community and that this begins with tolerance and understanding.

Currently also engaged in part-time voluntary work with a local advice agency, Sue is keen to represent the Reepham Division on Norfolk County Council and says "I have learned that when decisions are being made, even in opposition, good ideas and opinions can contribute to better outcomes for all. The advice work I do keeps me in touch with the hardships and difficult issues experienced by members of our community"

Sue vows to take each issue as seriously as the last. "I was first a member of the Liberal Party, helping my father to get elected onto Norfolk County Council when I was in my early 20's." Her experience gained in responding to enquiries and researching solutions, together with ensuring that communication is maintained until the problem is resolved, will be invaluable in case work as a County Councillor. "Attending meetings and staying on top of issues raised by local people will be my priority" promises Sue.

  • Get better broadband and mobile reception across Norfolk • Build green, affordable housing that meets the needs of communities not just developers - in particular when it comes to services like GPs and places for people to meet • Invest in a properly networked, carbon-neutral approach to public transport • Make us proud of our towns, including regenerating our town centres, and protecting banks, local shops and post offices • Protecting green spaces and making them more accessible • Help us make greener choices with measures such as renewable energy grants


I have represented the residents of Taverham North as their District Councillor for the past two years, and as a Taverham Parish Councillor for five years. My family have enjoyed being part of this beautiful parish for 14 years, and I am proud of the community and the involvement I have in it.​

My husband and I have three grown up children and three wonderful grandchildren, two of which have, or are attending Taverham schools.​

My qualifications are in Architecture, hence my membership on the Planning Committee at Broadland, as well as being a member of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee, which holds the council to account. I am also a member of the Licensing & Regulatory Committee which include licensing functions including private hire vehicles, lotteries, and charitable collections.​

During my working life I have had experience in retail and the NHS, from which I took early retirement from my position as Directorate PA, so I could concentrate on helping to look after my disabled grandson, who has Cerebral Palsy. This opened up a whole new world to me regarding the inadequacies and lack of funding for disabled people in our communities and spurred me on to campaign for Changing Place Facilities in Norwich city centre, and the opening of such a facility in the INTU shopping centre, which my grandson was honoured to open. Since then, other Changing Places have opened in the Castle Quarter, and soon to be in the Castle Museum, allowing disabled people the dignity and privacy needed for their personal care whilst out and about in Norwich.​

I have also been a representative for Family Voice Norfolk, a parent/carer forum in Norfolk, who work with the local authority, health, and social services to improve services for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and their families. My particular interest is with Wheelchair Services and I attended meetings regularly up until the pandemic.

I have many frustrations about the lack of support for families like mine that covers young and old, as well as the disabled community. I want to meet residents and hear their frustrations. As a prospective county councillor, I cannot change the world, but I can listen and help, and more importantly I want to engage with our community for a better future.​

I am also proud to be amember of the local SNAP (Safer Neighbourhood Action Plan) Committee; we liaise with partners such as the police which is important in helping to tackle local issues such as anti-social behaviour and drugs, and a great way for residents to engage with their local policing teams and help decide local priorities.



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